The Scoundrel's Guide

Everbrave Interactive's latest game project releasing late 2016

Open World

Explore a unique, 3D, dystopian scifi world filled with huge areas to explore, lost ruins, diverse enemies and bustling towns. Play and survive in the wastelands however you want with many mechanics to help you carve your own story.

Playful Artstyle

TSG sports a very unique and refreshing casual artstyle chock-full of simplicity and charm. Explore The Scoundrel’s Guide in a simple, saturated and slightly quirky world where the visuals help create that lighthearted experience you’ve been craving.

RPG Elements

Dive into ancient, unexplored ruins to uncover their secrets and unearth all manner of mythical items. Defeat enemies that stand in your way with a huge arsenal of unique weapons and cross your fingers as you hope they drop that legendary weapon you’ve been looking for.

Casual Survival

Enjoy a casual survival experience without the stress or headache of micromanagement or permadeath. Explore the world while hunting or buying food and making camp or staying at local inns. Live your life in the wastes however you please.

Who is Everbrave?

We strive to bring unique interactive experiences to gamers with more exotic palates
We're not making a game, we're crafting an experience

Everbrave Interactive was founded in 2015 by two highly motivated and exceptionally hopeful game developers, Christopher Carroll and Michael Kocha.

Together we set out to do something different with our medium. With a clear goal in mind we began prototyping and experimenting with many different concepts for games, failing time and time again. Luckily we both accepted these failures and cherished each one for the valuable lessons they taught us.

Leaving hand-holding, linear gameplay by the wayside we chose to respect our players by trusting that they know how to find the fun in games without guard rails and safety nets.

  • Freedom of choice

    We let players write their own stories in our games.

  • Open Worlds

    We give players large expanses to roam. We don't believe in walls.

  • Empowering Mechanics

    We give players as many tools as we can to let them build their own experiences.

  • Hand-holding

    We don't.

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Our Team

This is us.
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Michael Kocha

Responsible for all things visual, Michael specializes in 2D and 3D art with a strong focus on character and prop design. He’s also our resident technical artist and animator.
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Christopher Carroll

Chris is our code monkey. He’s fluent in C# and Java. After coding our worlds into existence he also creates every single audible experience within them as a talented music producer.

News and updates

Come back for updates relevant to all things Scoundrelly. And because we miss you when you're gone.