Finally Updated!


It’s been quite a while since we’ve updated this site, and it showed. So welcome to the new site. Now we can finally get on with the more exciting stuff.

The Scoundrel’s Guide, as you’ve probably been wondering, is a little 3d game made with Unity that we’ve been working away on for the last few weeks. And because of the scope, scale and pure awesomeness of the project we’re already a good portion of the way finished with it… well… in it’s barebones stage we’re aiming for.

If you’re interested in alpha testing for the game please sign up for our newsletter. The newsletter is only here to send you important updates about the game’s release date, launch platforms, pricing, big huge important news and of course to invite the lucky few to test the game. We don’t know exactly when the game is releasing or when the alpha test will start but we’re hoping to launch on Steam Early Access within the next few months.

We hope you’re excited about this game. Media shots will be revealed soon. If you want more juicy developer details about what we’re doing be sure to follow our artist, Mike on Twitch or Twitter. We’ll be streaming some of the more interesting parts of development on our Twitch channel soon, so if you want to see what goes on behind the scenes and of course see what’s going into the game next then come watch!

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